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Phone Sim Card

  • Minutes + texts + 4G data
  • 100% pay as you go with a local USA number
  • Works in Canada and Mexico too!
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Data Sim Card

  • 2GB, 5GB or 8GB of 4G data
  • Use in iPad, Tablet or Mobile Wi-Fi
  • 100% pay as you go
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Top-Up My Sim Card

  • Top-Up another 30 days
  • Add extra data or international minutes
  • Same day top-up

Prepaid AT&T USA SIM Card by USA pay as you go SIM

Reasons to Choose USA Pay As You Go SIM Card

In today's digital society we always expect to be connected to family, friends and loved ones on our mobile phones and tablets. However, when we travel abroad, it can be difficult to stay connected. Different countries, different mobile networks and SIM cards make it difficult for us to seamlessly connect.

Testimonials about USA Pay As You Go Prepaid AT&T SIM Card

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This is the reason why we began USA Pay As You Go SIM Card.

With our prepaid AT&T American SIM card for your mobile phone you’ll be connected with calls, texts and high speed data in the USA, Canada and Mexico. We also have USA Pay As You Go SIM Cards for your iPad, Tablet and Hotspot/MiFi that give a generous data allowance for the USA.

You won't need to worry about expensive international roaming costs for your trip with USA prepaid card. We have no contracts and it's pre-activated and ready for use as soon as you land in the USA.

Our popular USA Canada and Mexico Extreme Plan for your phone give you unlimited USA minutes and unlimited USA texts and a huge 8GB of high speed 4G data. With prepaid SIM card for USA you can even use your phone in Canada and Mexico for no additional cost. And you'll be on the AT&T SIM card network, which spans the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska). If your tour package includes USA, Canada and Mexico, our AT&T prepaid USA SIM card allows you to indulge in uninterrupted communication services with its strong network range. Shipped to you with love anywhere in the world from the United Kingdom.

Prepaid AT&T SIM Card Facilities During Travel in the USA

Pay as you go SIM offers their AT&T Prepaid SIM Card for Travellers who desire to travel from UK to USA, Mexico and Canada. Choose from our 3 of daily plans given below.

Talk+Text+Data - One of our most popular plans, enjoy your holiday without having to worry about any unnecessary charges with this all inclusive plan.

Talk+Text – If staying in touch for work or with loved ones is a priority then this is the plan for you.

Text+Data – Because we all know your friends want to see what you are up to on your holiday with Data and Text. There are more practical benefits too like finding the best places to eat and visit or not getting lost!

Our USA AT&T SIM Card Features

You can get lots of features regarding prepaid SIM card for USA in UK. Follow the great features, hope it will help.

  • Monthly plans for long stays : Staying a while? Choose one of our Snowbird Plans and get Talk+Text+Data or Talk+Text by the month.
  • Reload for each trip: Keep your SIM card and use it for each trip. Just top up with another plan within 90 days and you're good to go. Same number. Same SIM. Same roaming freedom. Ideal for frequent fliers and business trips to the states.
  • Pre-schedule your phone plan : Make your travel plans easier with US travel SIM card, giving you one less thing to worry about. It is also easy to top up when you are there, making it convenient for all types of travel.
  • No contracts or overage fees : With Roam Mobility, there are no contracts or overage fees. Everything is prepaid so there are never expensive surprises waiting for you come home.
  • Made for travellers : The USA Pay-As- You-Go SIM is designed for the frequent traveller to the U.S. Activate online anytime and schedule your plan before you leave. There is no service as flexible or easy!
  • Free long-distance calls to Canada and Mexico : Our Extreme Plan includes unlimited nationwide calls within the US and to Canada and Mexico.
  • Your own USA phone number : Your US phone number is assigned upon activation. As long as you top up once every 90 days, that number is yours to keep.