5 Facts About Travel SIM Cards for USA

Posted on December 12, 2016
Travel SIM Card in USA

When planning a foreign trip, you should be sure that you have thought about communication while you away. When you are in the USA, Canada and Mexico, purchasing a local prepaid phone card is recommended. Get a SIM card for your travel to the USA and keep in touch with friends and family back home.

  • Have an unlocked cell phone: If you are a frequent traveller, you need to be aware of the terms and policies of various operators who offer SIM cards only for unlocked mobiles. Make sure you have a phone that is accessible to international SIM cards. If you do not have a suitable phone, you should buy a new phone that supports all kinds of prepaid cards.
  • Purchase a local SIM card: Do not wait to reach your destination to get a local SIM card, rather purchase one before you go. Get a pay as you go SIM for the USA from online stores that offer exclusive prepaid plans.
  • Choose a suitable network connection: Foreign countries have different network operators, all providing communication services. When you are buying a prepaid SIM, make your network selection wisely. In the USA, AT&T and T-mobile networks dominate the market. You can also choose from GSM and CDMA operators. However, AT&T provides strong network signals in more regions of the USA, Mexico and Canada, but only if your cell phone supports high frequency.
  • Alternate travel SIM cards: If you have forgotten to get an international prepaid card, buy a travel micro SIM card for Canada from a store in the city. Special prepaid plans offered with the card include – unlimited calls, sending text messages, and browsing the Internet at cheaper rates.​

WiFi range: Who doesn’t want to access free Internet? If you find a WiFi connection within your range, switch off your mobile data. That will help you save your data as well as reducing the extra roaming charges. Connect at hotels, cafes, parks, and in restaurants.