Guide to Buying Prepaid American SIM Card for Your Tour to USA

Posted on December 12, 2016
Guide to Buying Prepaid American SIM Card

Are you planning to the United States? Keen to avoid paying out for international roaming? Looking for a travel prepaid American SIM card?  Read on!

  • Choose free roaming facility – Check the countries that will be covered. Your new prepaid card should provide free incoming calls while you travel in the United States.
  • Know the coverage area – Some international SIM cards are limited to a few countries. Check if the new prepaid provides coverage in the countries that you are planning to travel to. It will be more convenient to have one prepaid card.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Use your phone number as a data SIM in different devices

​You do not have to swap your prepaid card. An important question is, “Are you still able to use your data card? There are some travel SIM cards that become invalid when you do not use them frequently. If you want to enjoy better service and network connections, use AT&T SIM card in your unlocked and higher frequency phone.

  • Find a SIM card at an affordable rate

The rates for prepaid cards will vary across different countries. You can make calls, send text messages and surf the Internet at lower rates.

  • Additional perks with the SIM card

Different prepaid travel cards offer additional perks such as inexpensive international calls and a free call forwarding facility. Make sure your prepaid card provides these to save higher mobile bills due to roaming charges.

  • Top Up your prepaid Card while traveling

When you travel it is important to stay connected with family and business. Top up your prepaid card for important phone calls, sending text messages and accessing the Internet for route maps and travel guides.

Your pay as you go SIM card in the USA will enable you to have a stress free trip and stay in touch with your friends and family.