International SIM Cards and Greater Connectivity for USA

Posted on December 12, 2016
International SIM Cards for the USA

Many people use local SIM cards when they travel abroad, as this keeps mobile expenses down. Evolution of smartphone technology has made international calls more affordable. People, prefer local SIM abroad and a growing number of travellers are choosing prepaid SIM plans in the USA

Types of handsets - The latest range of smartphones available in Asia come with dual SIM card feature. In contrast to this, the handheld gadgets that are available in Europe usually come with a single card slot. That means that if you are travelling in the US, you will have to carry a spare handset to switch between mobile networks. There are two different types of technology that cellular carriers depend on to provide their service – CDMA and GSM.

  • Different network carriers - Verizon and Sprint are popular network providers in the US and use CDMA technology. T-Mobile and AT&T depend on GSM technology. If your handheld device is locked to a particular network chip, then you will not be able to use the service from a carrier that uses different technology. You have to know your device and choose the right SIM card for travel in the USA. Faced with this many, tourists and travellers end up buying a new handset. This is an additional cost to stay connected while they travel.  If you do buy a new SIM abroad, you will have to remember a new number and get that number to your contacts. 
  • Language barrier – People travelling from non-English speaking nations are likely to face a problem with language incompatibility.
  • International SIM cards – In order to provide a solution to the problem, technology has improved considerably. The business brand USA Pay As You Go SIM Card, provides global SIMs and an increasing number of people from the UK, travelling to America are opting for these international SIM cards. The corporate establishment encompasses Mexico and Canada. It launches attractive offers that include both voice and 4G data facilities to cater to everyone’s needs. Staying connected to your family, friends and business is now easier than ever.