Travel around USA, Mexico and Canada with a GPS Tracker

Posted on March 02, 2017
travel around usa with a gps tracker

Travelling to a foreign country can be an exciting and wonderful experience, but only if you have made all the arrangements properly. A person should be proactive while planning for a trip abroad. So if you are all set with your plan to visit countries like the USA, Canada or Mexico, be assured that everything is properly arranged. Have you ever imagined a situation where you are stuck in an unknown with no way to get in touch with anyone or find your way back?

Getting your things packed and booking a suitable accommodation is the only thing to do, there is a lot more to a trip abroad. Here are some tips to help you stay connected to your friends and family back home.

Travelling requires an international SIM card

The first thing to be taken care of while making travel plans is communication. You need to buy a prepaid American SIM card for your journey to be in touch with your travelling companions or family and friends. You can get strong network coverage by choosing an AT&T connection. There are various other available networks in the regions such as T-Mobile but having a prepaid card rechargeable data plans can be really beneficial. These prepaid American SIM cards are great using around using Google maps and staying and sharing your trip on social media.

The tracker should be set up properly

If you have bought a GPS tracker for your trip, make sure you set it correctly to ensure its benefits. Follow these points for the purpose:

  • Go through the instructions given on the GPS tracker packet
  • Make sure your SIM card has enough credit
  • Remember your GPS tracker’s SIM number
  • Programme the tracker with an emergency contact number to operate using the SOS button
  • Input the location to be tracked correctly to allow it sending relevant messages.

Once you have the device set properly with an international prepaid card in it, you can easily access it without any technical issues.

Last but not the least, follow a guide to buy prepaid card for USA to ensure strong connectivity as no network means no access.